Honor our Co-Founder & His Legacy

Doc's 90th Birthday Celebration

Doc Daugherty and and his dear friend, the late Don Henderson, co-founded the Hall of Fame in 2005.

2020 marked our 15th Anniversary and Doc has been there every step of the way.
Show your gratitude for his passion.

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If you've been a part of the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame, chances are, you've had the privilege of getting to know our co-founder, Doc Daugherty. Doc and his dear friend, the late Don Henderson, brought their dream into reality in 2005.

2020 marks our 15th Anniversary and Doc has been there every step of the way. He turns 90 on January 21. Be a part of the celebration and let him know how much you appreciate his efforts. He would love nothing more than knowing the Hall of Fame will be financially sound moving into the future.

Will you help Doc’s dream continue into the future?

Although we don’t have a physical museum (yet!), we still have ongoing expenses to maintain the operation of our non-profit organization. 

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The Celebration Committee

Birthday Wishes & Tributes

  • Mark Alberts

    Happy birthday Doc! You are a true basketball coaching legend!

  • Larry & Mary Ann Arthur

    Happy Birthday Doc! Thanks for all you do for the GCBCA and the OHSBCA. You have had such a positive impact on so many lives!

  • Jonathan & Dorene Ash

    Happy birthday! Thanks for all your years of service!

  • Happy Birthday Doc! Thanks for all you do!

  • Best wishes on your 90th birthday!

  • Tom & Ann Baker

    You are a role model to all of us. Happy 90th birthday!
    Ann and Tom Baker

  • Joe & Mary Lou Barry

    Thank you for hiring me in 1968 and being a dear friend ever since.

  • Tim & Lisa Banach

    Happy birthday Coach!

  • Chuck Booms

    Happy 90th Birthday Doc. I have been so blessed to call you coach, friend and mentor over so many years. Thank you for all your hard work promoting Ohio basketball. God Bless you and June.

  • Vi Buck
  • Happy Birthday Doc!

  • Pat Campbell

    Happy birthday Doc!

  • Doc,
    You are a fine man who has done a great job to promote basketball in Ohio!

  • Robert Cantini

    Happy birthday Doc, may you have many more to come.

  • David Carlson

    Way to go, Doc! You've made quite a difference in our community!

  • Ron & Janice Carter

    Happy to see you doing well!

  • With deep appreciation for all you have done. Happy 90th!

  • After what we have all been through in 2020, we can say with a high degree of confidence that what the world needs going forward is more “Docs”. Happy birthday!

  • Ken Cohen

    Happy 90th Birthday, Doc!
    You're the best!

  • Melinda Comstock

    Happy birthday Uncle Doc. You have challenged and inspired thousands of athletes and friends. My gift to your dedication and vision is symbolic in that I can only wish you see the impact you have made come "full circle" and are honored with a brick & mortar Hall of Fame. Great job!

  • Happy birthday Doc!

  • Joyce & Paul Cotner

    Happy Birthday! Love and God Bless you, your family and all you do!

  • Mary Czyzycki

    Happiest of birthdays Doc!

  • Bob, Mary Ann, Jackson, Ben and Ella Daugherty

    Happy, Happy Birthday to the best dad, grand dad, and father-in-law in the world!
    Wishing the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame tremendous success in the future!

  • Hal, Janelle, Jacquelyn, Hal David & Jake Daugherty

    Happy birthday! We love you!

  • June Daugherty

    Happy 90th birthday to my beloved husband!

  • Michael Daugherty

    Happy birthday Uncle Doc. I have lots of great memories visiting you and Aunt June. The ice cream & candy stores, many basketball games & playing with my cousins. Your legacy will live on in our lives, the lives of the many young men you have mentored over the years and also the HOF. Terrific dream you had several years ago. Thank you so much for being the man you are.

  • Thomas Daugherty

    Happy birthday dad - I’m flying to Cleveland to help you celebrate. Best dad / coach!

  • Jerry Doerger

    Happy Birthday Doc!

  • We need you for 90 more!

  • Happy birthday! Love you and thanks!

  • Jim & Char Downing

    We have all been blessed because we have had Doc in our lives. You have been one of my heroes and are very special to me!

  • Jerry Drobnick

    Happy Birthday Doc! It's a great day in Euclid! Thank you for teaching the values of teamwork, discipline, hard work, sportsmanship and family to me and so many others. And thank you for all you've done for the Hall of Fame. We are all blessed to have you in our lives. You and June make quite a team and have made this world a better place! Wishing you all the best!

  • Brian Dunmire

    Happy Birthday Doc!

    It is still a “Beautiful Day in Euclid”, to steal your line.

    Thank you for all you have done for Euclid and the game of basketball. It was an honor to play for you. You led us on a heck of a run in 1992. Great memories of you and the entire team, coaches, community, student body and alumni that will be cherished forever.

    Brian Dunmire
    Captain - Point Guard
    Euclid High School - 1992

  • Rex Durdel

    Best wishes Doc! May God continue to be with you and bless you.

  • Happy birthday Doc!

  • Ray Etzler

    Happy birthday! Your contributions to Ohio basketball through the years is through the roof!

  • Donna Ferrebee

    Happy Birthday to an uncle that isn’t loved just for his candy. Although, memories of the candy store are some of the many happy ones of visits to Doc and June. You’ve been such an inspiration to so many and your warmth and kindness just shines through. And it also shows up in the wonderful family you’ve raised. I know you’re very proud of them. And so many people are proud to say they know you. I’m definitely one of them. I’m happy to contribute to a cause that I know is very dear to you.

  • Greg Fondran

    Thanks Doc, for instilling in me the values of hard work, respect and sportsmanship. You helped shape my life and many others by your commitment to the positive development of young men and women.

  • Eddie Ford

    Happy birthday Doc!

  • Ed Foulk

    Doc, Happy birthday! Thanks for your efforts and contributions to the Hall of Fame.

  • Carol Fox

    Best wishes for a fantastic birthday!

  • Sheila Fox

    Doc, I am forever grateful for your friendship and dedication to the Hall of Fame! Thank you for all you do!

  • Austin & Ann Garber

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day with your family.

  • Happy Birthday Doc!

  • Gary Getter

    Thank you for making it happen!

  • Tom Gibbons

    Happy 90th Birthday Doc! You are truly one in a million! God Bless You and June!

  • Damon Goodwin

    Happy birthday Doc! Proud to know you and very proud of your work with the OBHOF.

  • Jim Gorsline
  • Jerry Gottschall
  • Greater Cleveland Basketball Coaches Association

    Happy 90th birthday Doc!! We are so proud to call you our very own! Your contributions to the GCBCA, the OHSBCA, and the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame are truly epic! Your legacy will live on forever! Thank you for just being you... we love you Doc... God bless

  • What a tremendous job you have done with the Hall of Fame. Happy Birthday Doc!

  • 90 Years Young and going strong! Thanks for the joy you have brought to all of our lives by sharing your basketball passion with us through the HOF!

  • Wishing you a very happy birthday. What a great job you do for the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame!

  • Peter Haluska

    Congratulations, Doc. You have been an inspiration to many!

  • Jim & Lynn Hamilton

    Happiest of birthdays to you Doc!

  • Happy Birthday Doc!

  • Lisa Hanna, MD

    Happy 90th Birthday Doc! It has been a pleasure sharing the love of basketball with you!

  • Dave & Norma Harnick

    Happy birthday Doc!

  • Thomas Harrell

    Happy Birthday Coach Doc!

  • Walter Harrop

    Happy Birthday Doc, you are an outstanding representative of all the areas that you have positioned.

  • Happy birthday Coach!

  • Ewald Heise

    Coach -
    Congrats on your 90th and with the HOF!

  • Larry Holden

    Happy Birthday Doc! Thank you for all of your contributions to Ohio high school basketball.

  • Rich Homovec

    Happy 90th Doc! And many more!

  • Thank you for a lifetime of passion for our sport! Without the vision of you and Don Henderson there would not be an Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame.

  • Ty & Glen Hursey

    Doc - Happy birthday! Hope you are doing well! From your Glenford friends.

  • Frank Jessie

    As always, wishing you the best!

  • Happy birthday Doc - 90 is still young. God Bless!

  • Happy Birthday Doc and many more. The HOF wouldn’t exist without your effort. Thanks for all your support!

  • Sharon Kaplan & Jared Kortsen

    Happy Birthday Coach Doc
    Thanks to you, Coach Henderson and many more, the memories from the best game in the Universe will be shared forever.
    Love ya always on and off the court!

  • Happy Birthday Doc!
    Thank you for your lifelong dedication and joyful contribution to basketball and to serving others.

  • Ron & Debbie Kellogg

    Well you made a 90 footer, a truly amazing life!
    And you are not done yet.
    Happy Birthday and God Bless you!

  • Jonathan Kepner

    Happy birthday Doc! Thank you for all you do!

  • Kay Kick

    Celebrating Doc for the way he touches so many lives. Steve admired him through many years - a good friend.

  • Larry Kisabeth

    Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Doc!

  • Mark Kordic

    God bless you Doc. You not only were a huge influence in my life during our 1977-79 basketball years, you helped shape my values for a lifetime. May you continue to bless others in Ohio and beyond in the years to come.

  • Two excellent basketball men - Doc & Don! Happy birthday Doc!

  • Dennis Kushlak
  • Marion LaBella
  • Gary Lashley

    Thank you for all the hard work you have done in support of the Hall of Fame!

  • Scott & Marianne Lawson

    Our relationship began with the 1959-60 and 1960-61 high school basketball seasons with your Euclid Panthers and my Lakewood Rangers.
    Enjoy your 90th birthday with June and Family.
    Our best to you!

  • Emil Leach

    I was a friend of Don Henderson's for many years. Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Doc! Thanks for all you've done for Ohio basketball!

  • David (Rabbit) and Denise Linane

    Happy 90 Birthday Doc! I want to thank you for teaching me the necessary skills to become a basketball player. I have passed all those skills onto my children and they all have enjoyed playing the game and one even played in college thanks to you. Your love for the game of basketball has impacted so many people. Miss seeing you and June at Muldoon’s.

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Kevin Logsdon

    Happy 90th Birthday! Thanks for all you've done for the game.

  • Gordon Litt
  • Don Lynam

    Cheers to you on your 90th Birthday!

  • Doyle & Sally McCombs

    Happy 90th birthday Doc! Sheila speaks so highly of you.

  • Tim, Suzanne, Matt, Rachel, David & Mary McDonald

    Celebrating your 90th birthday and honoring your legacy! We wish you all the best.

  • Kevin McQuade

    Best wishes Doc and thanks for all you do for Ohio Basketball!

  • Happy birthday Doc... you are a great man for the basketball standards for the hall of fame and keeping the game alive in all of our heats.
    God bless Doc!

  • Angela Miklavcic Brandon

    Happy Birthday, Doc! It's wonderful to see your legacy continue. Thanks for all you do and have done for Euclid and Ohio basketball! Angela, EHS '96

  • Best wishes to you and your family as you celebrate your special day!

  • Happy birthday Doc!

  • Happy birthday Doc!

  • Randy Milner

    Congratulations and best wishes on your 90th birthday!
    Thanks for all you do for the OBHOF!

  • Happy Birthday Doc!
    Have an enjoyable Day!

  • Randy Montgomery

    Happy birthday Doc! Thanks for all you do for Ohio's great basketball heritage.

  • Clair Muscaro

    Happy birthday Doc and thanks for your part and vision of the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame!

  • Sharon & Dave Nichting

    It's not whether you won or lost,
    It's how you played the game.
    Congratulations - Doc and June.
    Love and Prayers to you both!

  • Ron & Doris Niekamp

    Happy birthday my friend.
    The very best to you and your family on this special day!

  • Sean O'Toole

    Happy 90th Doc!! A better husband, I have NEVER known... a better father, I have NEVER known... a better friend, I have NEVER known... a harder worker, I have NEVER known... so blessed to call you friend and mentor... health and happiness... God bless

  • Dennis Pawlecki

    Bravo Doc! A true giver and pay-it-forward guy! Well deserved!

  • Happy birthday friend!

  • Roy Pignatiello

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the support over the years you have given to so many people.

  • Bob, Elaine & Mike Pollutro

    Best wishes Doc!

  • Bob & Carol Pontius

    Best wishes and God Bless, Doc!

  • Sue Ramsey

    Happy Birthday Doc! Continued blessings.

  • Ron Ranallo

    Happy birthday young man! Hope all is well. Happy to support the Hall of Fame cause. Your legacy will also go far beyond the HOF!

  • Mark Roberts

    Happy Birthday Doc!

  • Alan Russ

    Happy Birthday Doc!

  • Mitch & Beth Sanborn

    Happy Birthday!

  • Will Sanborn

    Happy birthday Coach!

  • Thanks for all you do and congrats on this milestone! 90!

  • Happy Birthday Doc! Thanks for all that you do.

  • John & Cheryl Schroeder

    Your heart has been so instrumental in seeing an Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame!
    Happy birthday Doc!

  • Chris Sedlock

    You are everything good about Ohio basketball.

  • Ron Seymour

    And so the best of all the coaches are the ones "who live their creeds; for to see the good in action is what everybody needs."
    Happy Birthday!

  • Gary Shaffer

    Happy 90th Birthday Doc! I appreciate you and all you do!

  • Neil Sharp

    Happy birthday Doc!!

  • Best wishes Doc!

  • Happy 90th, Doc!
    Hope part of your celebration comes in knowing your efforts on behalf of the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame are continuing!
    Have one Fabulous Birthday!

  • Ned Simpson

    Happy 90th Coach. 1967

  • You have done a great job and I wish you many more birthdays and success with the Hall of Fame!

  • Happy birthday Doc! Enjoy and I hope you get spoiled!

  • Paul Storey

    Happy Birthday Doc!

  • Tom Stupica
  • Walt Szczesny

    Happy birthday and many more!

  • Ted & Irene Theodore

    Happy 90th Doc! Keep aiming high! You are truly an inspiration, and we are so blessed to have you in our lives! Just think. If every Math, English, Science, Social Studies or teachers of the Arts devoted as much time, effort, guidance and love to their students as you did...how different the world would be! Sending lots of love to you and June.

  • Jack & Vicki Thomas

    Happy birthday Coach! WeI have enjoyed watching a winner and especially being friends. Best wishes!

  • Jim & Dolly Thomas

    Doc - thanks for all you have done for the Hall of Fame. Happy birthday! You are the best.

  • Doc - Thank you! You are the spirit of Ohio basketball!

  • Charlene & Steve Trout & The Ohio Association of Basketball Officials

    We're lucky to have someone with the dedication & desire and continued energy as we have in you!
    Happy birthday Doc!

  • Happy Birthday Doc. Thank you for all you do for Ohio Basketball and the Hall of Fame! You are a legend!

  • Dennis Turkall

    Happy birthday to my coach, my co-worker, and my friend of almost 64 years. Thank you for taping my ankles and having faith in a young shy teenager as a player and also later as a co- coach for the Euclid Panthers. You will never know how much I appreciate you for letting me be my self and having faith in my coaching skills for your JV teams. You affected my life and so many others forever. You and June are the best. PS: Your electrician!

  • Happy birthday to one swell fellow, now and for many more years to come!

  • Mike Ulliman

    Happy Birthday Doc. You are an amazing man and friend. Thanks for everything you do for the Hall of Fame. You are the ROCK of the organization.

  • Gary Urcheck

    Doc - Congrats! and thank you for all your time and effort on behalf of the OBHOF.

  • David Valinsky

    All the best, honored to work with you on the Hall of Fame.

  • Rich Venuto

    Happy birthday Doc!

  • Fran Voll

    They always say, “the first 90 years are the hardest”. Happy Birthday Doc!

  • Bob Von Kaenel

    Happy 90th Birthday. Thank you for all you have done for basketball in Ohio. It has been a pleasure to know you. You are the BEST!

  • Ken Wadkins

    Thank you for your tireless efforts and the remarkable results. Happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Doc! God Bless you.

  • Happy birthday Doc!

  • Alan Watson

    Best wishes Doc!

  • Jason Weybrecht

    Doc, you made such an impact on my life. You gave me the opportunity to play the game. Much respect and love to you Coach. Happy 90th Birthday!

  • Derrick Willis

    Thank You Doc, for teaching this me how to conduct myself and to represent our Panthers. Playing for you was a great experience. Happy Birthday Doc! Derrick D-Train Willis c/o 91 #Panthers4Life

  • Larry Wilson

    Congratulations Doc and many more years to come!

  • Happy Birthday Doc. You were a great coach--a fantastic example for all of us coaches. I really enjoyed those trips with you to Columbus for the Hall of Fame meetings. May God bless you for all that you have done for Basketball and family.

  • Mike & Lana Wren

    I want to add my Happy Birthday wishes to my thank you for all that you have done for the game we all love! Our friendship goes way back to days in Athens when my Dad introduced me to "Doc and June" when I was just a youngster. I am proud to be able to say that we are friends!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Ed Zink

    Happy birthday Doc!

  • Ninette Zuzek

    Happy 90th Birthday Doc!

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