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2015 Members

Gary Walters, Stokes Family, Doc Daugherty

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Celebrate the stories and traditions of the great game of basketball in Ohio and honor the men and women who have made the game what it is today. 

Join the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame Club today! We are grateful for the support of the following members:

Former basketball players and their teams are listed after their name. Email Sheila Fox at to add your team(s) and years.

Fans: ($30 – $99)

Bronze Level: ($100 – $249)

Silver Level: ($250 – $499)

  • John Allen
  • Sheila Fox, Executive Director
  • Ray Loucks
  • Fred Martin
  • Randy Montgomery
  • Mike Ulliman, Hall of Fame Treasurer

Gold Level: ($500 – $999)

  • Matthew Ulliman
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